Amor a la mexicana

Light cotton pants, with Mexican detail on the waist.

Light cotton Pants, with Mexican detail on the waist,
one shoulder top, and hair flower all by Guaya.

Light cotton long skirt, with Mexican detail on the waist,
one shoulder top also by Guaya.

Modelos: Argelia & Jordy
Fotografia: Agata Lanz
Maquillaje y peinado: Niza Mendoza
Locacion: Boca del Puma, Puerto Morelos

Manos Mexicanas: Amandina!

When I started writing this blog, I was feeling a bit lonely in the crafts universe, at least in Mexico, blogging and crafting was not a trendy thing, and it was hard to find people that share the same interest. But lately I´ve been finding that now there are more people blogging about crafts and handmade things in Mexico, more people that share this passion, so this makes me very excited, to be able to share the same interest, and also because of this, now I have more options, like fairs and magazines here in Mexico. And also above all this, the fact is, at least in this part of Mexico where I live, crafts and handmade things were synonymous of bad quality, things made only from and for hippies,  so, when I see creations like this, that have all this passion and good quality its a placer to share it with the world.

Cuando empece este blog, me sentia un poco sola en el universo, en Mexico no habia mucho la cultura de los blogs y lo hecho a mano, pero ultimamente he descubierto que cada vez hay mas gente que comparte esta pasion y eso me emociona mucho, me emociona el poder hablar de las cosas que hago y poder compartir un mismo interes con mas gente en Mexico, y sobre todo que cada vez somos mas, y gracias a esto se pueden hacer cosas muy interesantes. Hay mas proyectos de difusion, cada vez se organizan mas ferias y sobre todo, que al menos en esta parte de Mexico donde vivo, lo hecho a mano era visto como de mala calidad, las artesanias solo las hacian los hippies por asi decirlo. Asi que cuando veo creaciones como esta, que tienen tanta pasion y calidad es un placer poder compartirlo con el mundo.

Amandina is a trendy concept in jewelry design, which fuses together craftsmanship and contemporary design and blends tradition with fashion, the result: unique pieces made with love that only the handwork of artisans can create. I love the work of this girls from Yucatan, their organic motifs, trees, leaves and animals are absolutely fabulous. More about Amandina here and at their Etsy Shop.

Me encanta el trabajo de estas chicas de Yucatan, Las siluetas organicas me parecen bellisimas, Arboles, hojas y animales son su inspiracion. Amandina, es un concepto innovador en diseño de joyería, su vision de la tecnica contemporanea se funde con la tradicion de la tecnica orfebre. Obteniendo como resultado una mezcla que conjuga tradición con moda, en piezas únicas e irrepetibles que sólo el trabajo manual de artesanos yucatecos puede crear. Mas de Amandina aqui o en Etsy.

While in Mexico…. Mexican Premium Moda

The main intention of this event is to offer a space for independent Mexican designers to exhibit and sale their products, the idea was to get more attention of the audience by gathering many brands together.
This will last only 5 days, with Probably more than 40 Mexican designers exhibiting their work,  live music from bands to DJ’s, Photo-Expo, walkways, dance, circus, theater, sculpture, video, cocktails, food and bar.

This event took place in Historical center of Mexico City, at the Museo Británico Americano de México (The British American Museum of Mexico), this is an old building, and it´s being reconstructed. So the whole event had this old and modern look, really cool.
La intencion principal de este evento es ofrecer un espacio para los diseñadores Mexicanos exhiban y vendan sus productos, la idea es tener mas audiencia al juntar varios diseñadores y marcas. El evento duro 5 dias, y reunio a mas de 40 diseñadores Mexicanos, ofreciendo tambien musica en vivo, DJ´s, exposiciones fotograficas, danza, pasarelas, teatro, video, comida y servicio de bar.

El lugar del evento fue en el centro de la Ciudad de Mexico, en el edificio que pertenecia al Museo Británico Americano de México. El lugar esta en remodelacion, lo que le daba un look entre viejo y moderno a todo el evento.

I went with my friend from Mexico City, Jade, but we had other plans and had to leave before the runway, so I went back the next day and made sure to stay longer.

I so want to make events like this in Cancun, so it was good to have a view of this, so I´ll know what to do, and what not to do…  I think I had a different idea of how it was going to be, I didn´t imagine the buildin was going to be remodeling and it was hard to find the place, also I heard a few famous Mexican designers were going to be there, I thought Niceeee. So I just thought this was a more WOW show, It was not what I expected, but it was pretty good  anyway. I had fun, I enjoyed talking to the designers, making new friends and buying too ha ha ha.
Al evento me acompaño mi Amiga Jade, y aunque yo me queria quedar a ver la pasarela, teniamos ya otros plane sy nos fuimos temprano. Pero yo regrese al dia siguiente y esta vez si pude ver la pasarela.

Desde hace tiempo tengo ganas de hacer un evento parecido en Cancun, asi que fue bueno ver y sabe que se debe hacer y que no. Creo que en realidad yo tenia una idea muy diferente de lo que iba a ser el evento, antes de llegar, no me imagine que el edificio estaria en remodelacion, y me fue un poco dificl encontrar el lugar, y ademas tambien sabia que algunos diseñadores con mas nombre iban a asistir pues pense wow, que bien! No era lo que esperaba pero estuvo bien de todas formas, me diverti, y disfrute platicando con los diseñadores, haciendo contactos y comprando un poquito ji ji ji.

Nerviosa? Yo?

Do I seem nervous??? I just got out of the audition, How did it go??? Well I don´t know!!!!, seriously, I have no clue. I mean the girl in charge of the sewing department loved my CV, but what really was important was the audition, in front of the camera, I had to show the a tutorial of something I made, I was very nervous and I forgot parts of the explanation. Hopefully they didn´t noticed.

It was funny, I have no experience at this, so as I was getting all the mics wired, the producer asked me to get my bracelets off, so, I did and went to put them in my purse… but I forgot I was getting wired so the guy was walking after me with the mic and I didn´t noticed. Ups, sorry, ha ha ha ha.

Anyway, we´ll see what happens, at least I tried, and if I get selected, I´ll be filming in Argentina for the summer!!!! yeeeeiiii.
Notan mi cara de nerviosismo?? Acabo de salir del casting, como me fue??? No lo se, de verdad, no se, a la chica a cargo del departamento de costura le gusto mucho mi curriculum, pero en realidad todo depende de la productora y mi prueba frente a camaras. Como es un programa de manualidades, donde enseñan a los televidentes a coser, tejer, pintar etc, pues tenia que hacer una demostración frente a camara, obvio como estaba tan nerviosa se me olvidaron partes de la explicacion. Espero que no lo hayan notado.

Fue chistoso tambien, pues como no tengo nada de experiencia con esto de las camaras, antes de la prueba me estaban conectando el microfono, y la productora me pidio que me quitara las pulseras, lo hice y camine a donde estaba mi bolsa para guardarlas, pero no me di cuenta que me seguian conectando, asi que el chico del microfono tuvo que caminar atras de mi con los vables en la mano, y yo no me di cuenta hasta que voltee y lo vi, ja ja ja ja. Ups, perdon.

Y bueno, pues veremos que pasa, al menos lo intente, y si me seleccionan estare en Argentina grabando por dos semanas!!!! yeeeeiiiiii

Casting for a TV channel.

A few weeks ago, I received an email.. It was an invitation to participate in a Casting for a “DIY” TV channel. Apparently they saw mi blog and then invited me to be on the casting. I will have to fly to Mexico city, and if i get selected I´ll be sent to Argentina to film the capsules. Wow!!!!

I have to be honest, it´s incredible how sometimes we don´t believe in ourselves. The first time I read the mail, I thought.. mmmh I´m not good enough.. I won´t be selected, what is the point on getting all excited. But then I was like, come on!!!!!! if you were invited it´s because they liked your work, so stop it!!!

So now, I have the date for the casting, and I´m all excited!!! This is a channel that I watch all the time, it goes from cooking, decoration, crafts, painting, to beauty and fashion tips.

I need to think of what I´m going to show, and I need to do a “step by step” of that. I´m so nervous, to be in front of a camera!! A friend of mine that works with cameras told me to imagine every one on the set naked.. mmh I don´t think that will work!! ha ha ha. I just need to be calm and smile!

So next week, I´ll be flying to Mexico city!!! Cross your fingers for me!!!


Wizard of Oz, costumes.

I love Halloween, I love costumes and dressing up, but most of all I love making the costumes, and with my girlfriends has become like a tradition, we are thinking about the theme even months before Halloween. Is not easy because we want to go as a group all the time, so we have to think about the theme plus see if we can all get costumes for this theme. Anyway, this year´s theme was The wizard of Oz. It was more fun than last year because this time we all got together to make the costumes, every one of us did something, some did the sewing, others were in charge of the food and drinks while we were making the costumes, and we had a friend doing the make up.

It was a mess, 5 girls, one dog and a lot of craft remains on the floor.

Make Up Session.

Final retouching.

Scare crow,

The witches

I was Tin Man!

Make up… Close up

The Wizard of Oz, East witch, Scare Crow, Wicked Witch, Tin Man, Lion, and Dorothy.

And, guess who won the contest???


Mirabai, corazon

We just had the first tropical storm of the season… It was so nice.. it´s been very hot down here, so, a little rain wont hurt anyone. I spend the day at home, just chilling, watching movies and enjoying the fresh air and rain outside. I so needed this.

I´d like to share a song, that enlightens my heart, it´s one of those songs that puts me in a good mood. I couldn´t find a better song for this day. Have a god day!!!!

Hurricane season!

Well officially the hurricane season has begun, from June to November, so lets get our fingernails ready to be bitten off on a nervous breakdown, I´ve lived here all my life, so I don´t get scared, I just get a little bit anxious,  I need to get ready, buy supplies like drinking water, non-perishable foods, ice in coolers, batteries, tape, cigarettes, and candles. I don´t want to be all stressed on a hurricane alert and run off the groceries store to – like hundreds of people – buy things at the last minute. So I´ll be buying supplies little by little to be ready. It´s horrible to run at the supermarket and find out that everything is gone, so this time I´ll be prepared. What do we do when a hurricane hits us? well first of all, Tape the windows. Clean the yard and garden, securing any items that have the potential to become projectiles. Back up the computer and secure important documents. Disconnect all electronics and raise them to higher ground, Charge cel phones,  Fill the car gas tank and get gas for the generator. Take out as much cash as you can lay your hands on… After our house is protected, then we protect our businesses… Usually we all get together at the house that’s farthest from the beach, we make sure we have enough food, water, drinks and games and we just wait for the hurricane to hit. I think this year will be at my house if we have a big hurricane coming.. I hope not. I hate the cleaning after the hurricane.

Tutorials I Like

1. Pleated purse Tutorial, Modest Heaven. 2. Duffle Bag Tote, Bag’n-telle.  3. Square Bag Tutorial, Amanda Hawkins

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Beyond the square crochet motifs

I love this book!! I want to make everything in it. I love the colors, the design, and specially I love that it has lots of things to crochet.

I got so excited when I got this book, that I instantly grab my Crochet hook, and begin to crochet non stop. I made several, and I want to use it for necklaces.

So far this are the only ones finished. I like crochet necklaces, you get so many forms, and colors, and you can totally make it trendy by adding a few beads.  What do you think?

Mucho corazon

Remember this….

I turned into this:

More hearts for my house…

This ones I made with prismacolor.

And this hanging heart I made with air dry clay and Acrylic paint.

And a wooden box I decorated to keep all my treasures.