Argentina, here I come!

Do you remember that i went to a casting for a tv show? ( well, i haven´t said anything but… I got in!!! I´m in the show!!! I´ll be going to Argentina for 2 weeks to do the show!, I´m so excited, I can´t believe it, and since 4 months passed by since the casting in Mexico city, I totally thought that I didn´t get it, but I received a phone call a few days ago saying that I was selected to be on the show. My gooooood!!!!

Basically I´ll be showing how to make clothes on TV, the show is for Mexico, Central America and some parts of the United States.  I need to prepare the projects that I´ will present to them, choose fabrics and make tutorials. I´m a bit nervous about it because i´m not a professional seamstress, it´s a hobby and I don´t know all the basics, so this makes me nervous, all the other girls coming to the show are Fashion designers, so they know a lot, I just learned on the Internet. So i really need to prepare to do it right.

I´m so excited about this, it also makes me so nervous, to be in front of the cameras. But is something I want to experience. :-)

I still can’t believe it, I’ll probably be on the plane on my way to Argentina and still won’t believe it, this wasn’t on my plans, but its a good opportunity to me, this came just at the right time for me, exactly when i was feed up of being at the office all day, and wasn’t happy about my life, I got the chance to try something different, just like they say, if you want different result you have to do things differently. So we’ll see where does this take me. ;-)

Bueno, no se si recuerden que hace unos meses fui a la ciudad de Mexico para participar en un casting para el canal de television Utilisima, ( … No habia dicho nada pero me escogieron para el programa!!!! Me envian a Argentina por dos semanas a grabar el programa, que increible!!!! Estoy tan emocionada!!!, y la verdad es que pense que no lo habia conseguido, pues pasaron 4 meses desde el casting y no habia escuchado nada, pense que no me habian escogido.. Pero hace nos dias recibi una llamada diciendo que habia sido seleccionada para estar dentro del programa, buenisimoooooo!!!! Estoy tan emocionada!!!

El programa se llama “Puntos y Puntadas”, y sera transmitido en Mexico, Centro America y algunos lugares de Estados Unidos, tengo que preparar los projectos que presentare y escoger las telas y hacer los tutoriales, eso me pone un poco nerviosa, pues no es que soy costurera profesional, yo aprendi en internet!! las demas chicas que van al programa son diseñadoras de modas asi que ellas saben mucho, eso me pone nerviosa, pero tengo que prepararme y estar lista para que todo salga bien, que emocion!!!!


Laguna Azul

Something that I love about where I live is that we have all this amazing places to visit and just a few hours away from town. This time, I went with some friends to Laguna Azul, we left Puerto Morelos after they closed the restaurant they work at and drove about 4 hours south, towards Chetumal.

Lake Bacalar is in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. The lake itself is 50 kilometers long (north to south), but at most just 1 Km wide. Its southernmost point is just north of the Belize border and Chetumal.

The place we went to it’s called Laguna Azul (Blue Lagoon), nearby Limones, it’s owned by a German men called Federico (Fritz), He runs a little restaurant, four fully enclosed cabanas, and camping facilities. It’s a great place to swim, hang your hammock, and meet a pretty unusual cast of characters.

5:00 AM

My friend Lalo trying to catch something… he fail.

6:00 AM

I’m trying to catch some small fish to use as bait.

My technique didn’t work :-(

Good thing we had something else to eat.

We spend the day doing nothing, just chilling, swim a bit, did some kayaks, sleep in the hammock, and eat, eat, and eat!

He had better luck the second night, but we only did catch and release, since we weren’t actually eating those fish. They were small anyway.

Next day, on our way back to Puerto Morelos, we went to eat in Mahahual.

Nerviosa? Yo?

Do I seem nervous??? I just got out of the audition, How did it go??? Well I don´t know!!!!, seriously, I have no clue. I mean the girl in charge of the sewing department loved my CV, but what really was important was the audition, in front of the camera, I had to show the a tutorial of something I made, I was very nervous and I forgot parts of the explanation. Hopefully they didn´t noticed.

It was funny, I have no experience at this, so as I was getting all the mics wired, the producer asked me to get my bracelets off, so, I did and went to put them in my purse… but I forgot I was getting wired so the guy was walking after me with the mic and I didn´t noticed. Ups, sorry, ha ha ha ha.

Anyway, we´ll see what happens, at least I tried, and if I get selected, I´ll be filming in Argentina for the summer!!!! yeeeeiiii.
Notan mi cara de nerviosismo?? Acabo de salir del casting, como me fue??? No lo se, de verdad, no se, a la chica a cargo del departamento de costura le gusto mucho mi curriculum, pero en realidad todo depende de la productora y mi prueba frente a camaras. Como es un programa de manualidades, donde enseñan a los televidentes a coser, tejer, pintar etc, pues tenia que hacer una demostración frente a camara, obvio como estaba tan nerviosa se me olvidaron partes de la explicacion. Espero que no lo hayan notado.

Fue chistoso tambien, pues como no tengo nada de experiencia con esto de las camaras, antes de la prueba me estaban conectando el microfono, y la productora me pidio que me quitara las pulseras, lo hice y camine a donde estaba mi bolsa para guardarlas, pero no me di cuenta que me seguian conectando, asi que el chico del microfono tuvo que caminar atras de mi con los vables en la mano, y yo no me di cuenta hasta que voltee y lo vi, ja ja ja ja. Ups, perdon.

Y bueno, pues veremos que pasa, al menos lo intente, y si me seleccionan estare en Argentina grabando por dos semanas!!!! yeeeeiiiiii

Casting for a TV channel.

A few weeks ago, I received an email.. It was an invitation to participate in a Casting for a “DIY” TV channel. Apparently they saw mi blog and then invited me to be on the casting. I will have to fly to Mexico city, and if i get selected I´ll be sent to Argentina to film the capsules. Wow!!!!

I have to be honest, it´s incredible how sometimes we don´t believe in ourselves. The first time I read the mail, I thought.. mmmh I´m not good enough.. I won´t be selected, what is the point on getting all excited. But then I was like, come on!!!!!! if you were invited it´s because they liked your work, so stop it!!!

So now, I have the date for the casting, and I´m all excited!!! This is a channel that I watch all the time, it goes from cooking, decoration, crafts, painting, to beauty and fashion tips.

I need to think of what I´m going to show, and I need to do a “step by step” of that. I´m so nervous, to be in front of a camera!! A friend of mine that works with cameras told me to imagine every one on the set naked.. mmh I don´t think that will work!! ha ha ha. I just need to be calm and smile!

So next week, I´ll be flying to Mexico city!!! Cross your fingers for me!!!


Mirabai, corazon

We just had the first tropical storm of the season… It was so nice.. it´s been very hot down here, so, a little rain wont hurt anyone. I spend the day at home, just chilling, watching movies and enjoying the fresh air and rain outside. I so needed this.

I´d like to share a song, that enlightens my heart, it´s one of those songs that puts me in a good mood. I couldn´t find a better song for this day. Have a god day!!!!

Hurricane season!

Well officially the hurricane season has begun, from June to November, so lets get our fingernails ready to be bitten off on a nervous breakdown, I´ve lived here all my life, so I don´t get scared, I just get a little bit anxious,  I need to get ready, buy supplies like drinking water, non-perishable foods, ice in coolers, batteries, tape, cigarettes, and candles. I don´t want to be all stressed on a hurricane alert and run off the groceries store to – like hundreds of people – buy things at the last minute. So I´ll be buying supplies little by little to be ready. It´s horrible to run at the supermarket and find out that everything is gone, so this time I´ll be prepared. What do we do when a hurricane hits us? well first of all, Tape the windows. Clean the yard and garden, securing any items that have the potential to become projectiles. Back up the computer and secure important documents. Disconnect all electronics and raise them to higher ground, Charge cel phones,  Fill the car gas tank and get gas for the generator. Take out as much cash as you can lay your hands on… After our house is protected, then we protect our businesses… Usually we all get together at the house that’s farthest from the beach, we make sure we have enough food, water, drinks and games and we just wait for the hurricane to hit. I think this year will be at my house if we have a big hurricane coming.. I hope not. I hate the cleaning after the hurricane.

Mucho corazon

Remember this….

I turned into this:

More hearts for my house…

This ones I made with prismacolor.

And this hanging heart I made with air dry clay and Acrylic paint.

And a wooden box I decorated to keep all my treasures.

New house

I recently moved to a new house, I needed more space so I decided to move, I didn´t buy, just renting… I´ve been excited about it, and deciding what colors do I want my walls, getting fabric for the curtains,  and busy unpacking. My dad is the best, he helped me with all the wood work that needed to be done, closets, cabinets, coffee tables, dining table, chest of drawers, working table for my work room, curtain hangers… etc, wow! he had a lot of work. After almost 2 months of work, the house is looking good. Still needs more work but right now I´m tired.. need a break.


He made this coffee table.. I need to paint it.. haven’t decide what color, though…

Hallway furniture, with 4 drawers to keep everything organized.

Amazing Vanity table, inside the top drawers, I have divider inserts to keep my jewelry and make up organized.. I love you dad!!!

Shelfs for the bathroom.

Kitchen.. I love the color of my kitchen…

We haven’t finished the kitchen but we need a break..


I have to confess I’m a shopaholic and Amazon, Etsy and Paypal, are my best friends. I can’t help it, when I see something I have to have it, and since I discover I can use Paypal to buy stuff online I became more and more addicted to online shopping. :-{ I tried to make my self feel better about this, I think well I can do this, this is what I work so hard, I don’t have kids so I don’t have a responsibility to anybody but me, I need this to make something… and I can go on, and on.. but the reality is, I have to be careful, money doesn’t grow on trees right?

So let me show you my latest acquisitions.


Making Stuff. An Alternative Craft Book, This books has multiple ideas to recycle everything old into something new.

Design-It-Yourself Clothes: Patternmaking Simplified, I still need to get deeper into this book, I bought it to learn how to draft a pattern using a set of measurements you take from your body.

Bend-the-rules, Sewing, I had my eyes on this book for a long time.. I love her blog, so I new this was a great book to have.  A wonderful resource for those that have just discovered the joy of sewing. It’s filled with simple projects for beginners, and takes the pressure off following strict directions. You’ll find information on basic equipment and supplies, and techniques.

Beyond-the-Square Crochet Motifs: 144 circles, hexagons, triangles, squares, and other unexpected shapes, I am more visual, so in order to buy something it has to enter trough my eyes.. I like colorful book,  with lots of swatches to look at, I can’t explain it but I have to like the design. , I also like “how-tos” that are well explained, and that also has pictures. So the first time I so the cover on this book, I knew I wanted it. I just loved all the colors on the cover.. but then I fall in love with the content… It filled with great crochet motifs.. I was actually looking for something like this.. to have more designs for the crochet necklaces.

I have repeatedly show my love for Corazones Sagrados, and I was looking  for some fabric to make decorative pillows for the living room… I saw somewhere this fabric, that had sacred hearts on it… I spend hours looking on Google until I found out that it was made by Alexander Henry. I tried to buy from different places but unfortunately not everybody ships to Mexico… I finally found a store that did ship to Mexico and so I bought it. I was so happy when the mail arrived.

Chandeliere earrings

I was a bridesmaid, for my cousin’s wedding, after choosing the dress, and have it made for me (the color made it really hard to buy one already made) I had to decide what accessories to wear, I’m not very comfortable with necklaces, I don’t know why, I love them but never wear them. But I love chandelier earrings, I love how they look, they make me feel sexier, of course in a obvious and subtle way, plus I have a round face, so they help my face look slimmer.

So I made my own for the wedding.

At the end I didn’t used them, they were a bit too long for my dress. But I love them.

Isla Contoy.

This is an experience i´ve been wanting to share with you, a few weeks ago I went with some friends and family to an amazing Island, Isla Contoy, Protected by the Mexican government, and declared a National Park, its approximately 30 kilometers north of Isla Mujeres. We took a boat from Cancun, the trip took about one hour, it usually takes about 2 or 3 hours depending of the boat, but ours was pretty fast.

As soon as we could see the island on the horizon and the closer we got, our excitement was getting bigger and bigger, it´s absolutely gorgeous, is not very big, i think  it´s only 8 Km in length. There is nothing but palm trees, clear blue water, lots of birds and white sand, PARADISE!!!!

In the island lives a group of government-sponsored biologists who continually monitor and study the ecosystem of the island. Only a few tour companies have permission to bring guests to the island and only 200 visitors are allowed daily.  If you plan to visit the island in your own vessel, you are required to apply for permission first which can be arranged at the Park offices in Isla Mujeres or Cancun. as soon as we got to the peer, we jumped in the water, we didn´t care about barracudas, there was like 50 of them, just right in the peer. I have to say that I was a little bit impressed by them, they are so ugly with the mouth full of teeth!!.  Anyway, it´s better if I let the pictures talk.

Ready to go

arriving to the island

take a good look…. 7 barracudas!

The other side of the island

Dinner time! It´s good to have friends with restaurants.

chill out time after dinner.

our night camp.

almost sunrise.

Next morning we went snorkeling to the reef.

Nurse shark

Mantarraya, Samantha it´s her name, and you can actually touch her, she comes to the shore looking for food.

This is why I love where I live.

and guess who came with us….

I made her bathing suit with a balloon :-)

My halloween’s Mad Hatter version

I know Halloween is nowhere near, but I wanted to share with you last year´s costumes I made for me and my friends. As must of us, I love Alice in wonderland, and I was so excited about the movie coming out. So me and my friends decided to go a party as Alice in wonderland´s characters. I made and designed all of the costumes. we had a blast!

The original

My version.

I wish I had a closer picture of the hat, it was just like the one Johny Deep was wearing in the movie. I used Threadbanger´s tutorial.

And for the makeup I used this tutorial… I can’t never get the white color smooth like she does.

The group

I have to say, we had the best costumes at the party, everybody was taking pictures of us, it was like we were celebrities arriving at the red carpet. Nice!!! ….What wasn´t very nice, was doing my hear like that… Ja ja ja I couldn´t find an orange wig here in Cancun, I had one blond and tried to painted with the colored hair spray but didn´t work quite well, so my last option was doing a hair crepe and paint it. Bad choice dough!!! It was a nightmare the day after, trying to get it nice and flat again, I had to use an entire bottle of conditioner. I´ll think about this twice before I decide to do it again.

Ny NY… finally!!!



* American animals, at Natural History Museum

* Dinosaurs.

* Indian Tribes

And this is just for my craftster friends, a picture of how they made textiles.

more of Natural History Museum


* Central Park


* Seaport


* Night out with the girls and our friends.


* Re-building the WTC


* Chinatown


* Museum of Modern Art!!!!

Chain silver knitting

Plates lamp


* The girls and me freezing!!

NY, NY!!!!

I’m so excited, I’m going to NY for the first time, only 5 days. But Im so excited!!! it will also be my first time in the States, so there’s so many things I want to do… and so little time. Empire State and Chrysler Buildings, the Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, the Bronx Zoo, Brooklyn Bridge, the Metropolitan Museum, Natural History Museum, the Guggenheim Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Van Courtland House Museum, the Museum of Sex, Bodies, and so other many things like fabric shops, trim shops, button shops, craft supply shops, bead shops…. Damn! I want to do all of this in 5 days?????

Looking around for places to shop for supplies and came across this site I send her a message asking for tips and the best places to shop… she was great, sahara gave me lots of places to shop and she even told me she could take me shopping, Great!!!!!! I can’t wait to meet her.

Since I live in the Caribbean, I was worried about the weather in NY, it’s going to be cold!!! I wish I could find some outfits like this from College Fashion’s what to wear in winter, Which it’s a bit hard to find in Cancun.

So, I’m just going to take the warmest cloth I have, and maybe borrow something from a friend…. I can’t wait to be in NY.