Love this pants!

My brother brought me this cross stitch embroidery band from Chiapas, and a year after I found a great way to use it.. I totally love this pants!


Amor a la mexicana

Light cotton pants, with Mexican detail on the waist.

Light cotton Pants, with Mexican detail on the waist,
one shoulder top, and hair flower all by Guaya.

Light cotton long skirt, with Mexican detail on the waist,
one shoulder top also by Guaya.

Modelos: Argelia & Jordy
Fotografia: Agata Lanz
Maquillaje y peinado: Niza Mendoza
Locacion: Boca del Puma, Puerto Morelos

More Yucatecan embroidery

I know it looks like I haven´t done any crafts recently, I swear I had.. but I havent post about it, I´m sorry! I was invited to a Fashion show in Playa del Carmen for mothers day, they wanted to use my bags for the models and in exchange they will give me a place to sell my stuff during the show. But unfortunatly the show was cancel due the swine flu. All massive events were canceled and this was one of them.

But before this happened I was working and working to get something done for the show, I don´t have anything left since I´ve sold almost everything that I have made.

This are some of the things I´ve been making. This flower patches were made by Mayan Women, I bought them on a trip to Valladolid Yucatan, I wish I had bought more, originally I wanted to use them on bags, but one day I found a brown Tank top that I really like but was accidentally stained with bleach, and I though hey maybe I can cover the stain with one of this patches, I tried it and I could not stop sewing this to some new tank tops I had laying around. As you have seen I have this obsession with Yucatan embroidery. :-) I think I´m coming back to Valladolid to get some more.


Se que parece como que no he hecho mucho ultimamente, he dejado un poco abandonado mi blog, pero tengo una buena excusa, me invitaron a participar en un desfile de modas en Playa del Carmen para el dia de las madres, me pidieron usar mis bolsas para las modelos, y a cambio me darian un espacio en la plaza para vender ese dia. Desafortunadamente el desfile se cancelo debido a las alertas de influenza, todos los eventos masivos fueron cancelados y este era uno de ellos.

Todo lo que habia hecho lo he vendido ya, asi que tuve que ponerme a trabajar arduamente para poder tener material para el desfile de modas, entre unas de las cosas que he estado haciendo, estan estas camisetas, los parches de flores estan hechos por mujeres mayas, los compre en un viaje a Valladolid Yucatan, ojala hubiera comprado mas. Originalmente los queriausar para bolsas, pero un dia encontre una camiseta que me gustaba mucho, se habia manchado con cloro, y se me ocurrio que tal vez podria tapar la mancha con una de estas flroes, lo probe y me gusto tanto que no pude parar, use unas camisetas que tenia por ahi para otro proyecto y a coser se ha dicho. mmmm creo que   tengo una obsesion con los bordados yucatecos :-) creo que pronto regresare a valladolid por mas.