Make trendy pants out of an old ones.

I had this pair of pants that I never wear but keep them on my closet just in case one day I feel like wearing them… time passed by, and they were still in my closet, so I thought it was time to do something with them or give it to someone that would wear them…



And this is what I did:
Cut your waistband off with a seam ripper, and also cut the legs,
Measure around your lower legs, and your hip.
Cut two pieces of 6″ x 10″ (this will be the legs, fold in half, to get a 3″ x 10″ band)
Cut one rectangle of 8″ x 29″ , which will be the waistband. Since I´m using a stretchy fabric, I did it a bit smaller than the measurement of my waistline. And also this will be folded in half lengthwise.
Sew the short sides of the cotton/lycra knit together.
Fold in half longways
so now you have 2 pieces of 3″x10″ and one piece of 4″ x 29″.
Pin your cotton/lycra waistband to the top of your pants, just stretch it to fit your pants, and sew around the waistline.
do the same for the legs.

Since I´m not very good with instructions, and I didn´t took pictures of the process here you can find a better explanation of how to do the waistband. I just avoid the elastic part. I use the Lycra as elastic. I´ll keep doing more of this pants, next time I´ll take pictures.


Crafts fair, and Mercadito.

Here are some pics of the crafts fair we recently did in Puerto Morelos.

As a result of this we planned a permanent crafts fair, every weekend for over a month we were at Hotel Posada Amor, it was really cool cause even though we didn’t sell much, I was able to meet others crafters from this area, and we want to do something bigger, maybe even to be able to move to another cities near by.

Perversa Swimwear

Chakz Armada

Cacatua Viniles Decorativos

Mandalas by Migguel Art

Unfortunately this didn’t last long, sellers got discouraged for not selling as much as they expected and finally they stop showing to sell. :-(

Manos Mexicanas: Amandina!

When I started writing this blog, I was feeling a bit lonely in the crafts universe, at least in Mexico, blogging and crafting was not a trendy thing, and it was hard to find people that share the same interest. But lately I´ve been finding that now there are more people blogging about crafts and handmade things in Mexico, more people that share this passion, so this makes me very excited, to be able to share the same interest, and also because of this, now I have more options, like fairs and magazines here in Mexico. And also above all this, the fact is, at least in this part of Mexico where I live, crafts and handmade things were synonymous of bad quality, things made only from and for hippies,  so, when I see creations like this, that have all this passion and good quality its a placer to share it with the world.

Cuando empece este blog, me sentia un poco sola en el universo, en Mexico no habia mucho la cultura de los blogs y lo hecho a mano, pero ultimamente he descubierto que cada vez hay mas gente que comparte esta pasion y eso me emociona mucho, me emociona el poder hablar de las cosas que hago y poder compartir un mismo interes con mas gente en Mexico, y sobre todo que cada vez somos mas, y gracias a esto se pueden hacer cosas muy interesantes. Hay mas proyectos de difusion, cada vez se organizan mas ferias y sobre todo, que al menos en esta parte de Mexico donde vivo, lo hecho a mano era visto como de mala calidad, las artesanias solo las hacian los hippies por asi decirlo. Asi que cuando veo creaciones como esta, que tienen tanta pasion y calidad es un placer poder compartirlo con el mundo.

Amandina is a trendy concept in jewelry design, which fuses together craftsmanship and contemporary design and blends tradition with fashion, the result: unique pieces made with love that only the handwork of artisans can create. I love the work of this girls from Yucatan, their organic motifs, trees, leaves and animals are absolutely fabulous. More about Amandina here and at their Etsy Shop.

Me encanta el trabajo de estas chicas de Yucatan, Las siluetas organicas me parecen bellisimas, Arboles, hojas y animales son su inspiracion. Amandina, es un concepto innovador en diseño de joyería, su vision de la tecnica contemporanea se funde con la tradicion de la tecnica orfebre. Obteniendo como resultado una mezcla que conjuga tradición con moda, en piezas únicas e irrepetibles que sólo el trabajo manual de artesanos yucatecos puede crear. Mas de Amandina aqui o en Etsy.

Wizard of Oz, costumes.

I love Halloween, I love costumes and dressing up, but most of all I love making the costumes, and with my girlfriends has become like a tradition, we are thinking about the theme even months before Halloween. Is not easy because we want to go as a group all the time, so we have to think about the theme plus see if we can all get costumes for this theme. Anyway, this year´s theme was The wizard of Oz. It was more fun than last year because this time we all got together to make the costumes, every one of us did something, some did the sewing, others were in charge of the food and drinks while we were making the costumes, and we had a friend doing the make up.

It was a mess, 5 girls, one dog and a lot of craft remains on the floor.

Make Up Session.

Final retouching.

Scare crow,

The witches

I was Tin Man!

Make up… Close up

The Wizard of Oz, East witch, Scare Crow, Wicked Witch, Tin Man, Lion, and Dorothy.

And, guess who won the contest???


Beyond the square crochet motifs

I love this book!! I want to make everything in it. I love the colors, the design, and specially I love that it has lots of things to crochet.

I got so excited when I got this book, that I instantly grab my Crochet hook, and begin to crochet non stop. I made several, and I want to use it for necklaces.

So far this are the only ones finished. I like crochet necklaces, you get so many forms, and colors, and you can totally make it trendy by adding a few beads.  What do you think?

Mucho corazon

Remember this….

I turned into this:

More hearts for my house…

This ones I made with prismacolor.

And this hanging heart I made with air dry clay and Acrylic paint.

And a wooden box I decorated to keep all my treasures.

New house

I recently moved to a new house, I needed more space so I decided to move, I didn´t buy, just renting… I´ve been excited about it, and deciding what colors do I want my walls, getting fabric for the curtains,  and busy unpacking. My dad is the best, he helped me with all the wood work that needed to be done, closets, cabinets, coffee tables, dining table, chest of drawers, working table for my work room, curtain hangers… etc, wow! he had a lot of work. After almost 2 months of work, the house is looking good. Still needs more work but right now I´m tired.. need a break.


He made this coffee table.. I need to paint it.. haven’t decide what color, though…

Hallway furniture, with 4 drawers to keep everything organized.

Amazing Vanity table, inside the top drawers, I have divider inserts to keep my jewelry and make up organized.. I love you dad!!!

Shelfs for the bathroom.

Kitchen.. I love the color of my kitchen…

We haven’t finished the kitchen but we need a break..

Fiestas of color, music and traditions

On a recent weekend trip with my mom, we went to Tizimin, a town in Yucatan, and just at the entrance of the town we could see a crowd walking in the streets, I’ve seen that before, in Puerto Morelos, This are called Gremios, which are basically religious processions, I’ve always felt amazed by the colors and the music of the Gremio, since I was a little girl I saw my friends in the processions with their parents. And even though I’m catholic because that is how my parents baptized me,  I don’t professed any religion, but I like celebrations like this or the day of the Virgin Mary, because I like to feel the emotion of people and their believes.

Los Gremios (processions held by guilds or crafts association) are a fundamental part in the customs and traditions of the Maya people, who every year pay homage and give thanks for life, health and work.

Every town has his own date according to the patron saint. From that date the religious calendar marks 23 days of activity, every one of this days the different unions offer a Birthday ceremony to the saint, noon and evening mass are performed, at the end of this there is fireworks, ranging from simple light flying, to cypress, waterfalls, balloons, bull among others.

It is important to remember that the holidays Guild are the origin of the celebrations in Yucatan. They began when the first missionaries organized the indigenous people in the new population centers according to professions, they were assigned a patron saint and and gave them the date of celebration. The Gremios are the syndicates of the different professions like taxi drivers, shoeshine boys, butchers, bakers, henequen workers, shoemakers, market stall vendors, carpenters, and more. Each group reserves a day in the Cathedral for their procession.

This had immediate acceptance as the ancient Maya had a similar organization and simply replaced their gods by Christian saints. And so they were integrated over the years into guilds.

Today the guild are held in the days before and during the traditional festival.  Each guild leaves the house of the organizer in a journey that ends at the church, during the walk they carry banners with religious images and richly bordered inscriptions. Similarly the peregrinación, or religious prayer procession, is accompanied with religious music played on tympani and saxophones and shooting off fireworks, they go through the streets and arrive to the Church, offerings and badges are placed on the altar and is specially adorned with flowers and candles, and then celebrate mass. The entrance and exit of the groups is the part that is colorful and folkloric. At the conclusion of the ceremony, people gather together outside of the church to watch fireworks. The next day, after another mass, the guild leave their church and again travels the streets to the house of the one presiding and the party starts, food is shared among the people. This process is repeated during the days that the traditional celebration.

The guild processions in each village are true fiestas of color, music and traditions. The Gremios are also a wonderful opportunity to witness the intersection of Maya traditions.

* Pics taken by Enrikeh

Life can change at the blink of an eye

This is my friend Cecilia, a few of days ago, she was involved in a horrible and tragic accident, the accident occurred due to a gasoline explosion that turned into a rapid and destructive fire. Cecilia and her friend Danny were taken to a hospital with very severe burns. As a result of this terrible accident Cecilia has 2nd and 3rd degree burns on her legs, torso and arms. She’s had 3 operations and is in urgent need of 3 more in order to regenerate her body’s skin, and she’ll have to wait a long and painful time to recover, not to mention the expenses this also involves. Tragically Danny had burns on 90% of his body and died 2 days after. In a matter of a second their life changed completely. . None of them had medical insurance as they both are foreigners in our country, she is from Argentina, and Danny was from Canada. All of our friends and the community of Puerto Morelos got together to support her spiritually and also economically organizing music events to raise money for her surgeries and also to rally community help to support our young friend in her dire time of need. An ACCIDENT could happen anytime to anyone, it was amazing how strangers and friends helped without judging, without barriers, only to do good for a person that this day needed us more than ever. As I’m writing this I’m exploding with emotions, I love to be part of this community, I’m proud to be Puerto Morelense.

Ella es mi amiga Cecilia, hace unos dias ocurrió un terrible accidente en Puerto Morelos. La palapa donde vivía Ceci se incendió debido a un acccidente con Gasolina, ella y su amigo Danny  resultaron con quemaduras graves y fueron trasladados a un hospital en Cancun. Cecilia tiene quemaduras de 2do y 3er grado en las piernas, el abdomen y ambos brazos. Tuvo 3 cirugias y le faltan aun 3 mas para poder regenerar la piel de nuevo. Desgraciadamente Danny con el 90 % del cuerpo con quemaduras fallecio a los dos dias. Su vida cambió en un segundo por completo… Ninguno de ellos tenia seguro medico internacional, ella es de Argentina y Danny era de Canada. Los amigos y la comunidad de Puerto morelos, nos unimos en un intento por ayudar a ceci con los gastos medicos, organizamos eventos con musica, rifas, recaudacion de donativos, fue impresionante como amigos y extraños ayudaron, sin juzgar, sin barreras, solo por el hecho de ayudar a una persona que necesitaba la ayuda. Un accidente le puede ocurrir a cualquiera y la verdad me siento muy orgullosa de ser parte de esta comunidad.

Corazon en la mano

This are some key chains I made for Valentines. This was a fun project to make. All you need is some ribbons, beads and big hearts.

And while talking about valentines, I was trying to make a V. card for my friends, but wanted something different, and somehow I remember downloading a paper doll… but what happens when you are not well organized? you spend hours trying to find something you know you have, but you can remember the name. I need to organize my files in my computer, I keep telling me this.  Anyway, I finally found it, it’s a paper doll from the small object. I took the liberty of modifying it a little ( I add the heart) and I gave him a girlfriend. And so, I gave my friends a love story for valentines.

Like mexican lovers do, they spend the day at the park, talking, eating ice cream, they played in the swings.

but after a while they got hungry and went looking for a place to eat

after being satisfied, he took her to the beach.

it was getting dark, so he had one more surprise for her.. a little dancing!!

and so, happy and tired they went back to their home…. but that is another story ;-)

Chandeliere earrings

I was a bridesmaid, for my cousin’s wedding, after choosing the dress, and have it made for me (the color made it really hard to buy one already made) I had to decide what accessories to wear, I’m not very comfortable with necklaces, I don’t know why, I love them but never wear them. But I love chandelier earrings, I love how they look, they make me feel sexier, of course in a obvious and subtle way, plus I have a round face, so they help my face look slimmer.

So I made my own for the wedding.

At the end I didn’t used them, they were a bit too long for my dress. But I love them.

I apologize for being away!!!

I´m so sorry!!! I have been away for so long!!! A lot of things have happened since my last post, but i´m back with lots of ideas, and lots of plans for the future. Soon I will tell you more about it, it involves mexican artisans and clothing, I truly love what Mexican hands can do. What I can tell you right now is that I´m trying to get independent, I have been working in the tourism office for so long now, and I don´t feel motivated anymore, so I have been thinking to dedicate all my time to Guaya, is not like I sell a lot, i mean i don´t produce a lot also, but if I had more time to dedicate I´m sure I could sell more, get a page on Etsy, and maybe have material enough to sell in some boutiques here.  It´s a little scary but I´m doing some research to see if I can do this. So if you have done it, quit your day job and being a full time crafter/sewer and you live from this, please !!! give me some advice.


Les pido una disculpa por tener tan abandonado mi blog, han pasado mucha cosas desde el ultimo post, pero todo bien, estoy de vuelta con mucha energía, muchas ideas y muchos planes para el futuro. Pronto les platicare mas, por lo pronto les puedo decir que involucra artesanos mexicanos, la verdad amo lo que se hace en Mexico. Lo que les puedo decir ahora es que estoy pensando independizarme, he estado trabajando mucho tiempo en la oficina de turismo y la verdad ya no me siento motivada, y pues he pensado dedicarme de lleno a Guaya. No es que me deje mucho dinero lo que hago la verdad, vendo muy poquito, pero se que si tuviera mas tiempo para hacer mas cosas podría producir mas. Tengo un poco de miedo, estoy viendo si se puede hacer, si podría vivir de esto; así que si alguna de ustedes ha dejado su trabajo para dedicarse al trabajo manual, por favor!!!!! denme un consejo.