Argentina, here I come!

Do you remember that i went to a casting for a tv show? ( well, i haven´t said anything but… I got in!!! I´m in the show!!! I´ll be going to Argentina for 2 weeks to do the show!, I´m so excited, I can´t believe it, and since 4 months passed by since the casting in Mexico city, I totally thought that I didn´t get it, but I received a phone call a few days ago saying that I was selected to be on the show. My gooooood!!!!

Basically I´ll be showing how to make clothes on TV, the show is for Mexico, Central America and some parts of the United States.  I need to prepare the projects that I´ will present to them, choose fabrics and make tutorials. I´m a bit nervous about it because i´m not a professional seamstress, it´s a hobby and I don´t know all the basics, so this makes me nervous, all the other girls coming to the show are Fashion designers, so they know a lot, I just learned on the Internet. So i really need to prepare to do it right.

I´m so excited about this, it also makes me so nervous, to be in front of the cameras. But is something I want to experience. :-)

I still can’t believe it, I’ll probably be on the plane on my way to Argentina and still won’t believe it, this wasn’t on my plans, but its a good opportunity to me, this came just at the right time for me, exactly when i was feed up of being at the office all day, and wasn’t happy about my life, I got the chance to try something different, just like they say, if you want different result you have to do things differently. So we’ll see where does this take me. ;-)

Bueno, no se si recuerden que hace unos meses fui a la ciudad de Mexico para participar en un casting para el canal de television Utilisima, ( … No habia dicho nada pero me escogieron para el programa!!!! Me envian a Argentina por dos semanas a grabar el programa, que increible!!!! Estoy tan emocionada!!!, y la verdad es que pense que no lo habia conseguido, pues pasaron 4 meses desde el casting y no habia escuchado nada, pense que no me habian escogido.. Pero hace nos dias recibi una llamada diciendo que habia sido seleccionada para estar dentro del programa, buenisimoooooo!!!! Estoy tan emocionada!!!

El programa se llama “Puntos y Puntadas”, y sera transmitido en Mexico, Centro America y algunos lugares de Estados Unidos, tengo que preparar los projectos que presentare y escoger las telas y hacer los tutoriales, eso me pone un poco nerviosa, pues no es que soy costurera profesional, yo aprendi en internet!! las demas chicas que van al programa son diseñadoras de modas asi que ellas saben mucho, eso me pone nerviosa, pero tengo que prepararme y estar lista para que todo salga bien, que emocion!!!!


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