Casting for a TV channel.

A few weeks ago, I received an email.. It was an invitation to participate in a Casting for a “DIY” TV channel. Apparently they saw mi blog and then invited me to be on the casting. I will have to fly to Mexico city, and if i get selected I´ll be sent to Argentina to film the capsules. Wow!!!!

I have to be honest, it´s incredible how sometimes we don´t believe in ourselves. The first time I read the mail, I thought.. mmmh I´m not good enough.. I won´t be selected, what is the point on getting all excited. But then I was like, come on!!!!!! if you were invited it´s because they liked your work, so stop it!!!

So now, I have the date for the casting, and I´m all excited!!! This is a channel that I watch all the time, it goes from cooking, decoration, crafts, painting, to beauty and fashion tips.

I need to think of what I´m going to show, and I need to do a “step by step” of that. I´m so nervous, to be in front of a camera!! A friend of mine that works with cameras told me to imagine every one on the set naked.. mmh I don´t think that will work!! ha ha ha. I just need to be calm and smile!

So next week, I´ll be flying to Mexico city!!! Cross your fingers for me!!!



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