Wizard of Oz, costumes.

I love Halloween, I love costumes and dressing up, but most of all I love making the costumes, and with my girlfriends has become like a tradition, we are thinking about the theme even months before Halloween. Is not easy because we want to go as a group all the time, so we have to think about the theme plus see if we can all get costumes for this theme. Anyway, this year´s theme was The wizard of Oz. It was more fun than last year because this time we all got together to make the costumes, every one of us did something, some did the sewing, others were in charge of the food and drinks while we were making the costumes, and we had a friend doing the make up.

It was a mess, 5 girls, one dog and a lot of craft remains on the floor.

Make Up Session.

Final retouching.

Scare crow,

The witches

I was Tin Man!

Make up… Close up

The Wizard of Oz, East witch, Scare Crow, Wicked Witch, Tin Man, Lion, and Dorothy.

And, guess who won the contest???



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