Hurricane season!

Well officially the hurricane season has begun, from June to November, so lets get our fingernails ready to be bitten off on a nervous breakdown, I´ve lived here all my life, so I don´t get scared, I just get a little bit anxious,  I need to get ready, buy supplies like drinking water, non-perishable foods, ice in coolers, batteries, tape, cigarettes, and candles. I don´t want to be all stressed on a hurricane alert and run off the groceries store to – like hundreds of people – buy things at the last minute. So I´ll be buying supplies little by little to be ready. It´s horrible to run at the supermarket and find out that everything is gone, so this time I´ll be prepared. What do we do when a hurricane hits us? well first of all, Tape the windows. Clean the yard and garden, securing any items that have the potential to become projectiles. Back up the computer and secure important documents. Disconnect all electronics and raise them to higher ground, Charge cel phones,  Fill the car gas tank and get gas for the generator. Take out as much cash as you can lay your hands on… After our house is protected, then we protect our businesses… Usually we all get together at the house that’s farthest from the beach, we make sure we have enough food, water, drinks and games and we just wait for the hurricane to hit. I think this year will be at my house if we have a big hurricane coming.. I hope not. I hate the cleaning after the hurricane.


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