New house

I recently moved to a new house, I needed more space so I decided to move, I didn´t buy, just renting… I´ve been excited about it, and deciding what colors do I want my walls, getting fabric for the curtains,  and busy unpacking. My dad is the best, he helped me with all the wood work that needed to be done, closets, cabinets, coffee tables, dining table, chest of drawers, working table for my work room, curtain hangers… etc, wow! he had a lot of work. After almost 2 months of work, the house is looking good. Still needs more work but right now I´m tired.. need a break.


He made this coffee table.. I need to paint it.. haven’t decide what color, though…

Hallway furniture, with 4 drawers to keep everything organized.

Amazing Vanity table, inside the top drawers, I have divider inserts to keep my jewelry and make up organized.. I love you dad!!!

Shelfs for the bathroom.

Kitchen.. I love the color of my kitchen…

We haven’t finished the kitchen but we need a break..


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