Corazon en la mano

This are some key chains I made for Valentines. This was a fun project to make. All you need is some ribbons, beads and big hearts.

And while talking about valentines, I was trying to make a V. card for my friends, but wanted something different, and somehow I remember downloading a paper doll… but what happens when you are not well organized? you spend hours trying to find something you know you have, but you can remember the name. I need to organize my files in my computer, I keep telling me this.  Anyway, I finally found it, it’s a paper doll from the small object. I took the liberty of modifying it a little ( I add the heart) and I gave him a girlfriend. And so, I gave my friends a love story for valentines.

Like mexican lovers do, they spend the day at the park, talking, eating ice cream, they played in the swings.

but after a while they got hungry and went looking for a place to eat

after being satisfied, he took her to the beach.

it was getting dark, so he had one more surprise for her.. a little dancing!!

and so, happy and tired they went back to their home…. but that is another story ;-)


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