My halloween’s Mad Hatter version

I know Halloween is nowhere near, but I wanted to share with you last year´s costumes I made for me and my friends. As must of us, I love Alice in wonderland, and I was so excited about the movie coming out. So me and my friends decided to go a party as Alice in wonderland´s characters. I made and designed all of the costumes. we had a blast!

The original

My version.

I wish I had a closer picture of the hat, it was just like the one Johny Deep was wearing in the movie. I used Threadbanger´s tutorial.

And for the makeup I used this tutorial… I can’t never get the white color smooth like she does.

The group

I have to say, we had the best costumes at the party, everybody was taking pictures of us, it was like we were celebrities arriving at the red carpet. Nice!!! ….What wasn´t very nice, was doing my hear like that… Ja ja ja I couldn´t find an orange wig here in Cancun, I had one blond and tried to painted with the colored hair spray but didn´t work quite well, so my last option was doing a hair crepe and paint it. Bad choice dough!!! It was a nightmare the day after, trying to get it nice and flat again, I had to use an entire bottle of conditioner. I´ll think about this twice before I decide to do it again.


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