Oh Canada!

Well, I’ve been planning to go to Montreal for years, I have lots of friends there and they are always asking me to come, but I don’t know, it was until this year that I had the chance to to go, so, since January I start planning it, with my brother, he goes every year, but this time I told him to come with me, so he could show me around, he was taking a road trip in June – July so we decided to go after, in August, it was also my brother’s best friend birthday and since my brother’s friends knew he was coming they book him to play in Montreal, at Salon Daomé, We got our American Visa, to get better flights, and I bought our tickets in June. Everything was ready to leave and I was so excited!!!

Around the 2nd week of July, my cousin saw in the news that Mexicans were asked to get a Visa to enter Canada, and she called me. I don’t want to make this a long story, so I’ll just say that I didn’t get the visa, It was refused, my brother did, but I did not get mine. This Pissed me off, sorry for my language, but you can’t imagine how mad I was.. I had my 2 weeks yearly vacation, I had my plane ticket, and a friend od my brother was going to introduce me to some fashion store owners, to get them to buy some of my bags and dresses. :-(

My personal feelings about this…. about the Visas… Well, every country can do whatever they want, I don’t think a visa will stop the immigration, look at United States, visa or not visa, people are still crossing the border.

but I don’t agree that this was a good way to do it, they should at least give more time to get the visa, it was holiday period a lot of people was traveling there, had planned everything, payed flight and hotels, and even also maybe the have already bought the entrance for a show or a tour.. The embassy should give a period of time to get the visa… so that people that already have everything planned and paid could go this time…. I think if I didn’t had friends there I would not go to all this trouble to get the visa again.. I rather go to the states, they did got me the visa.. and for me, working at a governments office, it was easy to get. But, my friends are waiting for me, so, I’m going to apply again, lets see if I can make it to go in October. Now, I know what was wrong, so that is something I can change, write a letter explaining why it was denied the firs time and see, If I get it.. if not, I’m going somewhere else.. I wasn’t planning to stay there, I mean I have my job here, my restaurant, my family. I was In NY a few months ago, and I didn’t stay there. So will see, I so want to get a Poutine!

2 thoughts on “Oh Canada!

  1. Heather says:

    Well that sucks – I was not aware that Mexicans needed Visa’s to visit – that is strange, we are usually one of the easier countries to visit. I hope you get it in time to visit this year – all the best.

  2. Alice says:

    Hola!! Estan muy lindos todos tus diseños, me encantaron muchas de las cosas que vi en tu blog, yo igual hago algunas cosas porq me fascinan las manualidades y el diseño, pinto camisetas cajas y todo lo q se pueda!, jeje.
    Hace poco encontré en internet unos gorritos tejidos y me gustaría saber si podrías hacérmelos porque veo que tejes muy bonitos, y claro, saber el precio también, en caso de que se pueda podrías darme algún correo? para q te mande las fotos. Gracias y Saludos desde Mérida, Yuc.!!


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