No estaba muerta, andaba de parranda!


There is a expression here in mexico:

No estaba muerto, andaba de parranda
He wasn’t dead. He was out partying.)

The exact context for the saying in question, that of someone who disappeared, worried everybody, next has been given up for dead, and just for finally “rise among the dead”, showing to all he actually had went out partying all the time. In Mexico is mainly used for greet somebody who hasn’t been seen for a long time, denoting a lot of surprise, or for refer to somebody from who one has just had news.

I’ve finally found the time to write on my blog, just to say I’m still alive even if I’m not posting something lately.

I am still crafting but haven’t posted about it, I lost my camera, so I can’t take any pictures of the work that I have done. I kind of let sewing on the side, and went back to crocheting again, I wish I had the time to do all, crocheting, sewing, painting, and all the thing I wan to do, but I don’t have the time to do it all, so I have to choose. Like I’ve said before, I kind of get excited about something, but only for a while, then I get bored of doing that and I feel like doing something different. on top of that, I was sewing for 2 weeks until 5 am every night, to finish the cover up dresses for the contest, so after that I felt like I needed a break. I haven’t touch my sewing machine since..

I go to Puerto Morelos every weekend, and sometimes I get bored there, that’s why I went back to crocheting, is something I can take with me everywhere.. I promise I’ll post the pictures soon.

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