Moon bag, completed

Do you remember that I was trying to make a bag that I found on a magazine? well I have finished it, I know, it doesn’t look exactly like the magazine, but still I really liked the way it turn out to be. I leave the tutorial, sorry, I’m not very good writing tutorials but I’ll try to do my best.


1.-  Cut 2 A, 2 B and 2 C, and 2 A for lining.
B has to be double the length of the inside curve.

2.- Fold B in half  lengthwise.
Make the gathering along the edge with basting stitches.

3.- Mark center of A and B
Pin gathered B to center and corners of A right sides facing
stitch around the edges of inside curve
Topstitch to finish
Do the same for other side of the bag.

4.- join 2 A right sides facing and stitch around outside curve
turn, and attach lining the easiest way you know.
(sorry about this part, it was a bit complicated to attach the lining and I can’t explain it in English)

5.- Fold C in half  lengthwise, stitch around the seam edges, leave one side open to turn, turn and iron to make your handles.
insert the handles into the gathered tube made from B, make a bow, and “taran” your bag is ready.

Sorry I told you I’m not very good with Tutorial, hope it works for you, I’ll try to take pictures of the process to explain better.


3 thoughts on “Moon bag, completed

  1. Rose says:

    ¡Hola! Hermosa bolsa. La voy a comenzar a hacer, pero me surge una duda, ¿no se abre de los costados? (de las partes rectas).


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