Cancun, safe to visit!

These typically are the good days for Cancun, a busy time where the locals catch their breathe between the madness of Spring Break and the high summer national tourist seasons. Several Cancun Hotels are offering a “Swine flu free travel program”, a campaign that promises you three years of free vacations if you get H1N1 while in their hotels. This expresses the high confidence that it is indeed safe to travel to Mexico. The tourism boards and travel service companies are working diligently to ensure that visitors start to return to Mexico, to a safe and healthy environment for all to enjoy.

Our main priority continues to be the safety of our citizens and visitors, and with evidence that the flu appears to be less threatening than originally thought, Mexico is ready to welcome back all of its visitors and offer them the hospitality and services that have always distinguished us.

There is no doubt that the H1N1 has hit our country very hard; specially the tourism sector, an essential part of our economy. Mexico is known for its capacity of coming out of tough situations even stronger, and this will not be the exception. The travel industry -at all levels- is ready to offer its visitors what they come here for: diversity, culture, relaxation, luxury, adventure, world class infrastructure and most importantly, the best service in the world.

It’s a great time to book a trip down to the Mexican Caribbean, some great deals and great weather, if you love Mexico, pack your suitcase, take a plane and come down here. Great package deals are popping up, if you don’t have a trip planned, now would be a great time. With so few people in the area at the moment, it will almost be like a private vacation. Come to cancun!!!

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