Update on Swine Flu today

Swine flu it’s controlled, everybody I know agree that this look more shocking that it was… Probably because the news make it look bigger that it was  at least here in Cancun, things were not that bad, there were only a few cases in this part of the country.

Of course I’m just talking of what I see, what surrounds me. I don’t mean to minimize it, is jut that I don’t know of anyone who died of “influenza”.

In the case of Cancun, where everything depends on tourism, the tragedy came not from the flu itself, but from the economic crisis that came as the result of the influenza,The most important tourist destination in the country and the Caribbean, now faces one of the most acute crisis, provoqued by cancellations of flights from United States, Canada, Spain , Germany and United Kingdom. The lack of tourists in Cancun, provoked that many hotels closed down until the high season. Workers are being fired or put on mandatory rest period for even 60 days with out salary; the news report 20,000 unemployed people in the state. I heard that the unemployment rate is bigger than when Wilma hit the State 3 years ago.

So right now this is what worries us the most, loosing our jobs (for those who still have it), finding a job (for those who lost it), feeding their families, paying the bills, and in most cases I’ve heard people is worried about what will this 20,000 unemployed people will do, we wonder if assault and house robbery will be provoked by this. Every day I hear of someone who lost their job or had their wages cut or are living on absolutely nothing. Most people are hopeful and can see a brighter future ahead, but it doesn’t make it any easier to survive right now.

On May 15th, The State Governor, Lic. Félix A. González Canto, confirmed that with the withdrawal of travel restrictions by the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Israel, Argentina, Peru and Ecuador, the recovery of tourism in the destinations of Quintana Roo will be immediate. Local authorities have lifted the restrictions places on bars and restaurants, all facilities are now allowed to operate at 100% in Cancun and Quintana Roo. Hopefully with the travel alerts being lifted the hotels will re-open very soon and the area can start trying to recuperate.

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