Swine flu, it’s for real.

* Prepares Q. Roo massive evacuation of tourists, Although not yet recorded a single case of H1N1 influenza, more than 40 foreign tourists who are in Cancun and the Riviera Maya prepare their departure as a preventive measure, reported Latif Sara Ruiz Chávez, Secretary of Tourism state.

* The federal government called for the suspension of economic activities “not essential” to the public and private sectors from 1 to May 5 in order to strengthen preventive measures before the epidemic of swine flu, after the World Health Organization (WHO) raised the alert level 4-5 on a scale of 6, which means an “imminent pandemic.”

*Mexicans’ quarantine ‘and imminent risk of pandemic, Mexicans should stay in their homes until Monday to prevent the spread of swine flu that left eight dead in this country and one in United States and threatens to become so “imminent” in a pandemic, as WHO warned.

What is happening right now in Cancun? Not much of anything really, it’s pretty quiet out in the streets. It kind of looks like a regular day, only that people look stressed about the economic situation that is to come, since Quintana Roo mayor economic is Tourism, and with no tourist around, all of them are sent back to their countries, so people is a think, more worried about this that they are about influenza itself. No one knows when are things going back to normal, yesterday there was only schools and big clubs, Today we will be asked to close the restaurant, and also will other bars and restaurants in Puerto Morelos until Monday. I do have my regular job at the tourism bureau so that is kind of a relief, but imagine all the people that works in restaurants, or hotels, or clubs the will be with out work for a few days if not more. So no I’m starting to worry about this. Yesterday I was calm, didn’t believe nothing will happen here.

And as I’m in the 4 walls of my office, making calls, trying to find out the latest reports about this, I start to realize that this is Real, and it’s getting seroius, and I feel like craying, but as soon as I go out and see that people outside are not panicking, I try to do the same.

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