Swine Flu



The Secretary of Tourism of Quintana Roo (Sedetur) reports that, based on data provided by the Ministry of Health has not filled any cases of swine influenza in the tourist destinations in Quintana Roo. Despite the increase in the alert phase from 4 to 5 issued by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The tourism industry has extreme health measures in all hotels, restaurants and shops of the tourist corridor of the Mexican Caribbean.

The tourism secretariat indicates that for the disposal of the Federal Ministry of Communications and Transportation, starting tomorrow Thursday April 30 will be provided to Cancun International Airport 50 infrared thermometers, which measure the temperature of all passengers entering and leaving the destination. This in order to strengthen the preventive measures implemented in the State. Airport authorities reported that these thermometers measure temperature without physical contact with the passenger and that these actions will allow the detection of the main symptoms of the virus.

Given the restrictions on travel to Mexico, issued by the countries of the G-7, a significant decrease in occupancy levels for all destinations in Quintana Roo as well as a lowering in the air traffic operations.

Provisions of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), museums and archaeological sites around the country, starting today will remain closed until further notice.

The authorities of the State of Quintana Roo, as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) has called citizens and tourists to avoid concentrations of more than 80 people indoors, so consequently a large number of establishments, between clubs and restaurants are out of service temporarily.

Theme parks across the state are maintained in their normal operating hours are used, since all these activities operate in open spaces. The shopping malls are operating as usual as well the marinas.

The state government maintains a constant monitoring of the health of citizens and tourists and is prepared to act if necessary.

The Mexican Caribbean tourist destinations have not so far submitted any cases of swine influenza among visitors and workers in the tourism industry.

This are the latest news from my office. While all of this happens I kind of feel that is not happening here you know. You see the news about other states and you see people are freaking out.. everybody is at home, in Mexico city all the restaurants, bars, movie theaters, museums, clubs, everything is closed, the schools are shut.. some people is not even going to work. Here in Cancun, everything is a bit calm, people is getting precautions but  are not panicked,  just worried about surviving the lack of tourists due to the cancellation of flights, cruises and the travel advisories from around the world, this was not a very good high season, and we were kind of hopping we have a few months till the low season, but I guess this year low season came sooner.

Most people here are not wearing face masks, only a few store and restaurant employees have them on. I went to the Airport today, to pick up a friend that came from Mexico City, and it was shocking to see everybody coming out of the plane with face masks, it was like a end of the world type of movie. I tried to buy some face mask for my employees at the restaurant but I could not find any.. GONE out of stock, they are nowhere to be found in town.

Mexicans often head for the comic side of things, and this is just of those opportunities we couldn’t miss:

And in case you don’t get to find a face mask:

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