I apologize because  it’s been a really long time since I last posted. It is just too hard to organize myself,  with work, the restaurant and the everyday chores.

I also have good reasons why I have been away:

* I got  bags request for a bikini store in Playa del Carmen, I’m working and working but somehow I don’t seem to finish. I get easily distracted with ideas and want to try them right away, I am just too impatient at times.

* We have a new “Delegado” (mayor) and I offer to help with graphics for the events and promotion of Puerto Morelos, and along with that came the DIF ( an organization to help the family development), Conanp (National commission of protected areas), so I’ve been doing a lot of graphics.

* And of course, the restaurant. It’s high season in Puerto Morelos, the restaurant it’s getting known and people are coming back and recommending it to their friends!

3 thoughts on “Disculpen!

  1. Heather says:

    Your graphics look amazing!!! Really great job and wow you have been busy. We hope to make it down to the Riviera Maya sometime in May – not sure yet where we are staying – but I would love to stop by the restaurant if we are close to Puerto Morelos.

  2. sahara says:

    Wow! Your graphics are excellent! Such imagination. The musica festival is cool, it’s reminiscent of the 60’s posters I collected as a kid. That’s the resturant menu? I’m SO there!

  3. Ross says:


    UN saludo y felicitarte por que tu blog esta muy bueno, me encanto todo lo que haces. Tus diseños son increibles, yo tambien hago algunas creaciones en crafts. bueno me despido y nos vemos take care…

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