Gabo is back from Montreal

As some of you know, my brother Gabriel, besides attending his bar, and cooking he is also a DJ.


Was born in Cancun and raised in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. When He was 17 he got introduced to the electronic music culture by his DJ friends and promoters who were participating in many important events such as, Son Pax (in the Mayan Riviera) and Maraakame in the North of Mexico. It is also where Gabo made his first musical contacts and where his electronic music journey began. He was 18 when he got behind the decks for the first time. Crossing different musical genres his selection can go from Chicago to the deepest side of House, while his Techno favorites explores deep and soothing textures, going from tribal to the most subtle pieces…

In 2002, he moved to Montreal where he got the chance to experience other genres and styles expanding his vision about music and technics. In Montreal, he played alongside artists such as Fred Everything, Eloi Brunelle and Mossa in venues like Salon Daome, Stereobar, 1234 Medley and Living just to name a few. Gabo also promoted his own events such as “Sunday Night Live”, “Local” and “House Of Beat”, playing with most of our local and international DJs and producers.

In 2006, he moved back to Mexico to open Bara Bara, a club where he promotes and pushes electronic music which is broadcasted live every Friday on the internet.

2 weeks ago he was invited to play in Montreal, and after a long absencehe was back in town charming everybody with his House and Tech-House “gabo style” sets. He is being called as “one of the rare pearls of the fantastic world of the electronic music”


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