15 + 15 = 30

I have been delaying this post, waiting to get better pictures, but I decided I post and then find better pictures. A month ago was my B-day, my 30th B-day to be exact, and I like to have fun Birthdays, especially in this one, you know the big 30, so since I didn’t have a Quinceañera party, (like sweet 16, but in Mexico is when you are 15) I thought well, why not do it now, have a double Quinceañera party, it all started as a joke, but me and my mom ended up being really serious about this.

I decided to make my own dress, cause I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a dress that I will use only once, and let’s not forget that it was a joke Quinceañera party.

I look for tutorial on the web and found this tutorial, and also this great video to make a no sew tutu.

I cut the stripes longer than in the tutorials, and I Mix 2 colors, Red and Magenta.

Every Quinceañera needs to arrive in a car.. so this was mine. ja ja ja, we were laughing all the way down to the party.

And also the Quinceañera needs “Chambelanes” … mmmmm have no idea how to translate this to English. like bride maids. but male. This part was my mom’s idea, and here they are, my brother, and 3 friends.

and of course, the dance with the proud dad of the Quinceañera, ja ja ja ja.

And a tradition in my family, smashing the cake with your face, and in case you need help to hit harder, there’s always somebody wiling to help you, in this case, my brother!.

I had so much Fun!!!


4 thoughts on “15 + 15 = 30

  1. Penny says:

    Aww, happy late birthday Jordana!!! I love how your little tutu dress turned out and your party looks like it was a hoot!! It’s obvious to see you have a wonderful family!

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