Hello!!!! I’m so happy, I have a bit of time for blogging, It’s been a while, but I was very bussy with the taco place, now we are getting a bit more organized, ant that leaves me with 2 nights at week for crafts.

And have I enjoyed my time with myself and my tools???? yeeeesssss!!! here is some of the thing I made this week.

First, this is a shoulder bag that it’s being in my TO Do list for a while, I hope the girl that asked me for it is still interested.

I love it! I call it “Mandarina Bag”… It has a big coconut button on the front and 3 small pockets inside. I ve been sleeping at my mom’s house, her house is in Puerto Morelos so it’s a bit easier for me to stay there, but I miss my house and I’m sure she misses me, you can see in the picture, the grass is getting dry thanks to my lack of attention.

I made this also, a little “Mandarina Purse” for my ipod and this on has a pouch for the earplugs. Still need to perfection this one.

and this are a bit ahead of time, this are for “Dia de Muertos” (day of the death) in November, but since I don’t know when I’m a having some time off, I just decided to make it already. My plan is to add one of this bookmark to every product that I sell. Just as a special thank you to my costumers.

and this are my mark tags for the bags.

and last, September is  the month for Mexico, every 16th of September is the Mexican Fiesta par excellence! On this day Mexicans all over the world celebrate Mexico’s independence from Spanish rule. ( I will talk about this in other post). Anyway, the fabric shops are crowded with mexican fabrics, and when I saw this one I just loved it!!!


4 thoughts on “Finally!!!!!!

  1. Heather says:

    Hi Jordanna
    I came across your post on Craftster and am so pleased to have come across your blog. I have a little obsession with the Mayan Riviera and one day I hope to visit – I have done all the research – now I just have to start saving. I am from Canada and I love to craft as well. I have read your whole blog including all of your past posts and I must say you a truly talented, I love your IPOD cozies and wonder what type of yarn you are using as it looks like it has a shine to it. I am so excited for you and the opening of your restaurant, it must be very rewarding. Can’t wait to see what you post next – I have definitely added you to my favourites. Thanks Heather

  2. Yanitza says:


    Encontré tu blog por y me alegra mucho… tienes unos trabajos preciosos. Yo llevo un tiempo haciendo bolsos y carteras y ahora estoy comenzando con la joyeria.

    Saludos desde Puerto Rico!


  3. Liz says:

    Hola Jordana, me agrado mucho tu trabajo en especial esta bolsa, de verdad me encanta, yo quiero una!!!, me gustaria contactarte, yo vivo en Guadalajara, ijole tu vives mis tres combinaciones, jeje, diseñadora+bartender+cancún, hasta al momento tengo una y media, soy diseñadora y voy seguido a Cancún.
    Ojala me puedas responder pronto.


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