new business in town

The big news today is that I’m starting a new business, a little restaurant with fish and shrimp tacos,
pescadillas ( which are like a quesadilla but with fish inside, and a quesadilla is basically a corn tortilla folded in a half with cheese inside ) we will also be serving ceviche (kind of salad made with chopped fish onion, tomato, cilantro, and lime juice) and our Puerto Morelos well known Micheladas. We, Daniel and I just rented a small place and now we are working hard to fix it and build the kitchen.

Fish taco


So this is keeping me busy, I still have my regular week job, but now I have my 2 weeks vacation period, which I’m working to get the place ready. this is basically how we rented it, it used to be a movie rental place, and had this HORRIBLE orange color on the front which we are now peeling to apply the new paint.

we are also fixing this door that goes to the back of the place.

since we didn’t have that much money to start, we are doing all the job ourselves, with of course my dad’s help. He used to be a carpenter so he’ll be doing all the furniture and the wood work. I have to say that my dad build our house 29 years ago.

we had to hire a mason, to do all the cement part, to make the floor of the kitchen, since we didn’t have enough space inside for the kitchen we made a plan to build it outside.

this is not the mason, this is Dany. ji ji ji

and here they are, the macho mans, putting the wood frame for the kitchen.

this all for now, I’ll be posting the pictures as we go. Bye Bye!!!

2 thoughts on “new business in town

  1. mexpat says:

    I can’t wait to come up and try it! I was just talking with my husband about taking pictures of local tacos and other traditional Mexican foods and adding it to our blogs!

    By the way- would love to work with you on web-stuff. Seria muy chido.

  2. mecamo says:

    hey there!

    i just found your blog thru browsing :-)
    good luck with your new place/ business. by the way, i like the orange very much, it looks active. in psychology “smart” people say, that the colour orange and red-orange makes people hungry and they keep eating, hehehe maybe you should think about to keep the orange, hehehe ;-)

    …have a good one…

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