Gabo made us proud

3 days ago, my brother Gabo finished his Gourmet Food Workshop. The course lasted 11 Months. So we attended his graduation dinner. He learned a lot in this workshop which was directed by one of the most recognized chefs in Mexico, Federico Lopez.

I have to say why we are proud of him, he is younger than me, but while I was in College, he was traveling and doing what he liked, play music and work in a restaurant in Montreal CA. He came back to cancun 3 years ago, and he opened a small cool bar in Puerto Morelos, which has become the place to be, anyway, we have been trying to convince him to get in a culinary school, since that’s what he likes, but with the bar he doesn’t have much time free. So when he decided to get in this workshop we said, “vaya, ya era hora, que bueno” which means “wow it’s about time, good for him”. For him to close up the bar late at night and waking up early 2 days at a week to go to school, it’s something we have to applaud!!!

“The paper” he said

My dad & brother.

The handsome’s of the funky family :-)

Check out his name on his Jacket…The best thing about this is that I DON’T COOK, so he gets to cook all the xmas dinners and I get to spend more time doing my makeup :-) Just kidding!


One thought on “Gabo made us proud

  1. alpa says:

    Hi, first time to your blog! You have a gorgeous blog! I would like to add you on to my blogroll if you don’t mind.

    Congrats to your brother! That is an awesome achievement, I am sure all of you are very proud of him!

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