Meme… me by me?

This is me, in some samples of advertising made in JWT / esta soy yo, en unos boetos de publicidad que haciamos en JWT.

I was tagged last week for a 4 things meme by Penny but I have to say, I have no idea what does Meme means, y look for it on the web, but didn’t understand. Anyway, I thought I’ll give it a try ;-) Fui invitada por Penny la semana pasada para responder un cuestionario de 4 cosas sobre mi.

4 jobs I’ve had/ 4 trabajos que haya tenido
Hostess: Banamex, Domecq, Outback Steakhouse, Moon Palace Hotel, Bartender: Outback Steakhouse, bar La caverna, and at my own bar y mi propio bar.
Art assistant: J. Walter Thompson Advertising agency/ Agencia de Publicidad
Art director: J. Walter Thompson Advertising agency
/Agencia de Publicidad
4 places I’ve been / 4 lugares en los que haya estado
Sherbrooke CA, Chiapas Mex, Df Mexico, Guatemala.
4 place I’ve lived / 4 lugares donde haya vivido.

Puerto Morelos, Cancun, Canada, Mexico City.
4 fav TV shows / 4 programas de Tv favoritos.

Prison Break (mmmhhhh Wentworth Miller); Mi casa, tu casa (People+Arts); Friends,
4 fav radio programs / 4 Programas de radio favoritos.
I don’t really listen the radio / en realidad no escucho mucho la radio.
4 fav foods / 4 tipos de comida favorita
Sushi, Pescado frito (fried fish), shrimps with garlic, Tabuleh (Arabic food)

4 (or more) places I’d rather be / 4 lugares donde preferia estar.
Hobbie Lobby!!! Ha ha ha ha. I’d love to be in New York, or Montreal for some trendy life. Somewhere in a cabin with a lake in the middle of the woods, I’d rather be in San Cristobal Mexico. New Zealand or Osho’s meditation center. Me encantaria estar en Nueva York, o en Motreal, para una dosis de modernidad y estilo. Tambien me gustaria estar en una cabaña en el bosque, preferiria estar en San Cristobal, Nueva Zelanda o en el centro de meditacion de Osho.

San Cristobal, Chiapas, Mexico.

I think I am supposed to choose 4 people to invite to join in this so here they are; Debo invitar a 4 personas mas a participar en este cuestionario asi que aqui van:
Becky, Mar, Rina, and Raz.


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