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3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.
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Seven random things about me:
1. I work at the State Tourism Board in Cancun. I like it most of the time, it allows me to do other things, because I only work from 9 to 6 ( in a design firm this will be joking). I also like it because it allows me to have my work shown in different countries.

2. I think my mom is a dictator, sometimes i feel like I’m in Cuba, I Just want to be Free!!! ( I had a dream about that last night)

3. I have hard time reading, my eyes go faster than the words, most of the time i end up reading and not understanding a word, and then have to read it again.

4. I used to have a Chihuahua called Guaya, i loved her!!! my mom gave it to me for xmas.
but it died after 2 months, she got Parvo.

5. I also lost a Brother, in the same month, but one year difference. He had an Motorcycle accident. After that my mom sold hers. And I’m not allowed to go in one.

6. I wish I had more time for crafting, I’ll love to go to a cottage, with a lake and spend days crafting and seating in front of the lake.

7. I don’t cook, I don’t like to, I don’t know how to.

And on to the tagging…

1. Creativeyarn
2. Mayeh, Arte Mexicano.
3. Cosas de Chu
4. Mi Casita House
5. Blissed Out
6. Stitchy
7. Crafty Love


One thought on “You have been tagged!

  1. Jeannie says:

    My good friend, Penny, from USA Colorado gave your blog site to me.
    I am also from Colorado but now living in Mexico. North of Acapulco near Coyuca de Benitez on Playa Azul/Carrizal. My husband and I are both retired and are building our home here on the beach. We think it is truly Paradise! Nothing like Cancun or Acapulco….but a tiny fishing village that also has very light tourism.
    Penny and I met as we worked together in dental offices. We both have a passion for sewing and as I was beginning to retire from my dental hygiene job I spent many hours sewing for customers and for my own pleasure. The part of our house that will contain my sewing machines is just about finished and I am anxious to start some sewing again. So far while living in Mexico I have made a few school uniforms for friends, a dress for a friend, curtains for the kitchen etc…..but still nothing really creative. I want to do that.
    Slowly I am learning Spanish but my husband, who was born in Uruguay and has lived in South America most of his life is fluent….also Mexican. I have obtained my FM2 and in about 2 years should also have my Mexican citizanship.
    We love our life here and are always anxious to have visitors. If you are ever in this area please let us know…..I Love meeting Mexicans who speak Inglis….ho ho.
    My computer is a very slow dial up prodigy so I couldn’t look at all of your beautiful things but a few….YOU GO GIRL!
    Thank you for letting me visit.

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