where did all this people came from? / de donde salio toda esta gente?

Finally after a long time, I got a day off, Daniel my boyfriend and partner in the bar, is going to Chiapas, for the week, since is spring break here, so, he is working the bar alone, as retribution’s for the days he will not be here. So is sunday and i’m going to the beach with my brother. and as we are walking in the beach i see a huge crowd of people, and i think, my good!!! where did this people came from??? why are they here, invading my beautiful lonely beach??? Ok, i Live in cancun now, but all of my chilhood i lived in Puerto Morelos, a small fisherman town, about a half an hour from cancun, it’s or it was a very quiet town, with lovely beaches. Finalmente despues de varios meses, tuve un dia libre, Daniel, mi novio y socio en el bar, se va a Chiapas toda la semana de vacaciones, asi que hoy le toco trabajar solo en el bar como retribucion de los dias que no trabajara en el bar. Asi que yo pude tener mi dia libre, es domingo y voy a la playa con mi hermano. y mientras vamos caminando empiezo a ver que hay mucha gente, y pienso, madres, y toda esta gente de donde salio??? que hacen aqui, invadiendo mi precioso Puerto Morelos. Ok, vivo en Cancun, pero toda mi infancia la vivi en Puerto Morelos, un pequeño puerto a media hora de Cancun, es, o mas bien, era muy tranquilo, con playas limpias y sin gente.

This is now, Asi es ahora
This was a year ago: Así era hasta hace un año
same beach, but no people. La misma playa de la primera foto, pero sin gente.
We even have Mariachis on the beach!! / Ahora hasta mariachis hay en la playa.
This is what I like about Puerto, the tranquility. Esto es lo que me gusta de Puerto, la tranquilidad.
anyway, after the shock, I went home and got creative, I made this Ipod sleeves for some girls from puerto that saw mine and wanted one for them.

I really liked this one, I think I like bright colors. Este me encanto, creo que en verdad me gustan los colores brillantes.
I want to show you, something I’m very proud of. I bought the fabric about 2 years ago, and i did this embroidery with sequins. First it was supposed to be a pillow cushion, but when I finished it I thought it was to much work to just be on a pillow. so I’ll make an appliqué, maybe for a tank top or a jute bag, but now i don’t know. I’m not good at sewing appliqués with the machine. I love it, and i think is to pretty to be in a box with other unfinished projects, but I’m scared that i might ruin it when sewing. I have to be more confident of my capabilities but It was a lot of work!!! Quiero mostrar algo que me hace sentir muy orgullosa de loq ue soy capaz, Compre esta tela hace algun tiempo y le borde chaquiras a la flor, habia pensado hacer un cojin para la sala, pero cuando lo vi terminado, pense que seria un desperdicio tenerlo en la sala, que deberia estar en algun lugar donde luzca mas. Tal vez aplicado en una camiseta o en una bolsa de yute, el punto es que debo sacarlo de mi caja de proyectos sin terminar. Pero me asusta el hecho de arruinarlo a la hora de coserlo pues no soy muy buena cosiendo aplicaciones en maquina… me cuesta trabajo seguir la silueta.

Something else i did this weekend was our weekly arts and crafts bazaar “art in the park” we do it every saturday, at night, because during daytime it’s too HOT!. Mucho Calor. Me and my friend Marcelo are trying to make this a big thing, with music, and maybe a show for the kids. but for now we haven’t had the answer we expected. The artist here are lazy to come every Saturday, but i mean if you don’t have anything to do, and also don’t have a gallery or a store to show off your product, why don’t come, there are a lot of artist in this town, a lot, but maybe when the see that artist from Cancun are coming they’ll be wiling to come. ( I don’t have any good pictures, the park light makes the photos weird) Otra cosa que hice el fin de semana, fue el bazar de Arte y Artesania, “Arte en el Parque” lo hacemos cada sabado en el parque de puerto morelos, y aunque hemos estado viniendo por casi un mes, los demas artistas de aqui son flojos, vinieron un dia y ya, no quieren venir cada sabado. Mi amigo Marcelo y Yo, queremos que esto se haga mas grande, con musica, y tal vez un show para niños, pero no hemos recibido la respuesta que queriamos, espero que pronto tengamos respuesta, pues aqui hay muchos artistas.
My dad made me this out of a xmas tree.
Well, i hope you have a nice weekend ( i know is just Wednesday) but i have 2 days off, it’s holly week, as we call it here, and for us are official holidays. Nobody works (only those working in touristic services). If I get the courage i might go to Chiapas, to meet with the boyfriend, but I dont feel secure of driving 12 hours at night just by myself, so if not i’ll just stay here in this crowded city. Bueno, espero tengan un buen fin de semana, (ya se que apenas es miercoles) pero tengo jueves y viernes libre por semana santa. Si me animo me ire a Chiapas a alcanzar al novio, pero no me siento muy segura de manejar 12 horas en la noche yo sola.

2 thoughts on “where did all this people came from? / de donde salio toda esta gente?

  1. Penny says:

    Hi Jordana,
    It’s spring break here in the states (at least in our town), that’s where all the people probably came from, invading your quiet beach! I’m with you, the brightly colored ipod cover is my fav too! Your applique is beautiful! I really like the idea of inlaying it (cutting a hole in the jute and then sewing the applique into the hole to give it some dimension) into a jute bag like you talked about. Because it is so eye catching, I think a really plain background would really accentuate it!

  2. asti says:

    Love your applique, it must have taken a long time with a lot of patience! Hope you get a bit of quiet on your beach this weekend
    asti :)

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