Crochet flower, Hair Ties

I totally love crocheted flowers.. and I’ve found nice ways to use them..
Desde que aprendi a hacer las flores en crochet me encantaron, y no suficiente con ponerlas en mis bolsas y camisetas, tambien hice esto, ligas para el cabello, se ven lindas no? 

This one i made adding a gold sewing thread, there is no way I’ll find gold yarn here where i live. but i liked the result, it’s one of my favorites.  Esta la hice añadiendole un detalle con hilo dorado, me gusto much, es una de mis favoritas.

Sometimes i like what i do so much that i don’t want to get rid of it, this happens with this yellow flower. i was supposed to be making stuff for a town arts&crafts fair. but now it’s hard for me to give it away, ja ja ja. That happened a lot when i used to paint. I can’t sell a painting, can’t give them away. People keep asking me if i want to sell but it is hard for me. 

Algunas veces, lo que hago me gusta tanto que me cuesta trabajo deshacerme de el, asi me pasa con esta flor, y en general con mis pinturas.


2 thoughts on “Crochet flower, Hair Ties

  1. trafaluo says:

    i really love the flowers, do you mind to share the pattern with me? or tell me where did you find the pattern from? thank you..btw..u did a good job =)

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