Im still here

Hello everybody!!! I am so sorry!!!! I have been away for a while.. (long time if you ask me) but I have not forgotten this blog, I just need time to update it and renew it… and that will happen soon!!! I promise!

A lot of changes in my life, I don’t think I´ll keep updating this blog for now… It gave me so many blessings, but my head and heart are somewhere else right now. Thank you for following and liking my posts!!!!

More from Argentina… Caminito

Caminito is a street museum and a traditional alley, located in La Boca, a neighborhood of Buenos Aires. The majority of the Italian immigrants that lived in La Boca worked in the port,  and they painted the outside of their homes with the leftover paint from the shipyard – as nothing else was available or could be afforded. This is the reason why it’s so colorful. I’ve seen picture of this place before, and I thought I had to come, but, I imagine something different, I thought it was little town, that people lived there but it turned out to be a shopping alley, with lots of Argentinean souvenirs… mmmh not what I expected, it just didn’t seem real you know, but it was ok, I had a good lunch there, and I loved the colorful buildings.

Trip to Rio Lagartos

A few days ago I went on a trip with my mom, brother and some friends to a town called Rio Lagartos, Río Lagartos is within the Biosphere Special Reserve on the northern coast of the Yucatán on the Gulf of Mexico, just west of the border with Quintana Roo, and is famous for its enormous flamingo colony and large variety of other species.

We arrived in Rio Lagartos around 7:00 AM, had breakfast and rented 2 boats. We sail along the river for a little over 2 hours and enjoy the sights of white and brown pelicans, fishing eagles, herons of many white and pink species, ibis, crocodiles and the breath taking spectacle of thousands of American Flamingos feeding in the salty waters.

The area is the home to Mexico’s largest American and Caribbean flamingo population. It estimated that over 8,000 pink flamingos live within the now protected canals and mangroves just up the river from Rio Lagartos. Wild flamingos eat many different foods but their favorite is shrimp. The more shrimp they eat, the pinker they get.

After 2 hours of bird watching the guide took us to a salty pond, to take a bath in the salty water that keeps you up on the surface without any movement, and then we smeared white mud all over ourselves as we were told it is good for your skin.

We spend the night there and next day we went to Las coloradas, on the western side of the Rio Lagartos estuary its a large salt processing enterprise that collects salt from dry lake beds and ships it all over South America.  The water is all shades of pink and if you touch it, it kind of burns from the salt. The color of the water its because of a small organism that lives in it, called artemia, this is also the preferred food of the flamingos, so it also gives them the shades of pink. This place is so amazing and different that it looks like you are in another world.

For more than 2000 years, before the Mayans, salt has been gathered from the shallow lakes in the area and traded as a valuable commodity. It is bulldozed into huge mounds then processed, cleaned and packaged in the factory here.

And back in town….

Make trendy pants out of an old ones.

I had this pair of pants that I never wear but keep them on my closet just in case one day I feel like wearing them… time passed by, and they were still in my closet, so I thought it was time to do something with them or give it to someone that would wear them…



And this is what I did:
Cut your waistband off with a seam ripper, and also cut the legs,
Measure around your lower legs, and your hip.
Cut two pieces of 6″ x 10″ (this will be the legs, fold in half, to get a 3″ x 10″ band)
Cut one rectangle of 8″ x 29″ , which will be the waistband. Since I´m using a stretchy fabric, I did it a bit smaller than the measurement of my waistline. And also this will be folded in half lengthwise.
Sew the short sides of the cotton/lycra knit together.
Fold in half longways
so now you have 2 pieces of 3″x10″ and one piece of 4″ x 29″.
Pin your cotton/lycra waistband to the top of your pants, just stretch it to fit your pants, and sew around the waistline.
do the same for the legs.

Since I´m not very good with instructions, and I didn´t took pictures of the process here you can find a better explanation of how to do the waistband. I just avoid the elastic part. I use the Lycra as elastic. I´ll keep doing more of this pants, next time I´ll take pictures.

Argentina, here I come!

Do you remember that i went to a casting for a tv show? ( well, i haven´t said anything but… I got in!!! I´m in the show!!! I´ll be going to Argentina for 2 weeks to do the show!, I´m so excited, I can´t believe it, and since 4 months passed by since the casting in Mexico city, I totally thought that I didn´t get it, but I received a phone call a few days ago saying that I was selected to be on the show. My gooooood!!!!

Basically I´ll be showing how to make clothes on TV, the show is for Mexico, Central America and some parts of the United States.  I need to prepare the projects that I´ will present to them, choose fabrics and make tutorials. I´m a bit nervous about it because i´m not a professional seamstress, it´s a hobby and I don´t know all the basics, so this makes me nervous, all the other girls coming to the show are Fashion designers, so they know a lot, I just learned on the Internet. So i really need to prepare to do it right.

I´m so excited about this, it also makes me so nervous, to be in front of the cameras. But is something I want to experience. :-)

I still can’t believe it, I’ll probably be on the plane on my way to Argentina and still won’t believe it, this wasn’t on my plans, but its a good opportunity to me, this came just at the right time for me, exactly when i was feed up of being at the office all day, and wasn’t happy about my life, I got the chance to try something different, just like they say, if you want different result you have to do things differently. So we’ll see where does this take me. ;-)

Bueno, no se si recuerden que hace unos meses fui a la ciudad de Mexico para participar en un casting para el canal de television Utilisima, ( … No habia dicho nada pero me escogieron para el programa!!!! Me envian a Argentina por dos semanas a grabar el programa, que increible!!!! Estoy tan emocionada!!!, y la verdad es que pense que no lo habia conseguido, pues pasaron 4 meses desde el casting y no habia escuchado nada, pense que no me habian escogido.. Pero hace nos dias recibi una llamada diciendo que habia sido seleccionada para estar dentro del programa, buenisimoooooo!!!! Estoy tan emocionada!!!

El programa se llama “Puntos y Puntadas”, y sera transmitido en Mexico, Centro America y algunos lugares de Estados Unidos, tengo que preparar los projectos que presentare y escoger las telas y hacer los tutoriales, eso me pone un poco nerviosa, pues no es que soy costurera profesional, yo aprendi en internet!! las demas chicas que van al programa son diseñadoras de modas asi que ellas saben mucho, eso me pone nerviosa, pero tengo que prepararme y estar lista para que todo salga bien, que emocion!!!!

Laguna Azul

Something that I love about where I live is that we have all this amazing places to visit and just a few hours away from town. This time, I went with some friends to Laguna Azul, we left Puerto Morelos after they closed the restaurant they work at and drove about 4 hours south, towards Chetumal.

Lake Bacalar is in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. The lake itself is 50 kilometers long (north to south), but at most just 1 Km wide. Its southernmost point is just north of the Belize border and Chetumal.

The place we went to it’s called Laguna Azul (Blue Lagoon), nearby Limones, it’s owned by a German men called Federico (Fritz), He runs a little restaurant, four fully enclosed cabanas, and camping facilities. It’s a great place to swim, hang your hammock, and meet a pretty unusual cast of characters.

5:00 AM

My friend Lalo trying to catch something… he fail.

6:00 AM

I’m trying to catch some small fish to use as bait.

My technique didn’t work :-(

Good thing we had something else to eat.

We spend the day doing nothing, just chilling, swim a bit, did some kayaks, sleep in the hammock, and eat, eat, and eat!

He had better luck the second night, but we only did catch and release, since we weren’t actually eating those fish. They were small anyway.

Next day, on our way back to Puerto Morelos, we went to eat in Mahahual.

Crafts fair, and Mercadito.

Here are some pics of the crafts fair we recently did in Puerto Morelos.

As a result of this we planned a permanent crafts fair, every weekend for over a month we were at Hotel Posada Amor, it was really cool cause even though we didn’t sell much, I was able to meet others crafters from this area, and we want to do something bigger, maybe even to be able to move to another cities near by.

Perversa Swimwear

Chakz Armada

Cacatua Viniles Decorativos

Mandalas by Migguel Art

Unfortunately this didn’t last long, sellers got discouraged for not selling as much as they expected and finally they stop showing to sell. :-(